What are the different levels of RAC cover?

When you buy your policy, you’ll have the option of adding on RAC breakdown cover. RAC offers different levels of cover which you select from. These levels include:

  • The first level offers roadside cover, meaning that if you breakdown more than ¼ mile away from home, the RAC will assist you at your breakdown location. If your car can’t be fixed at the roadside, they will take you to a garage or other destination within 10 miles.
  • The second level offers the roadside cover described above, but will take you to a location anywhere in the UK if your vehicle can’t be repaired at the roadside. If you breakdown due to a tyre fault and aren’t carrying a spare/repair equipment, they will only tow you within 10 miles of your breakdown location.
  • The third level includes all described above, as well as ‘at home’ cover, meaning that if you breakdown at home or within ¼ miles of your home, the RAC will come to you, and if your vehicle can’t be fixed, tow you, your passengers and your vehicle to any destination within the UK.

More details about what level you have and what the conditions are can be found in your documents, which can be viewed and download in your online account.


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