Is it worth protecting my no claims discount on my car insurance?

If no claim has been made against this policy during your period of insurance, the insurer will give you a discount according to the current scale at the time of renewal of this policy: this is referred to as a no claims discount or a no claims bonus. You can build up your no-claims discount over time if you don’t make a claim on your insurance policy – the more years no-claims you have, the better the discount on your insurance you’re likely to receive.

When taking out your insurance, you may have the option of protecting your no-claims discount. This allows you to make a certain amount of claims without affecting your no-claims bonus – the number of claims you can make varies between insurers, so make sure to check this in your policy wording.

It’s worth noting having no-claims discount protection won’t stop your premiums going up after a claim, as your claim history is still used to work out your insurance premium, so costs can still increase from one year to the next even after your no-claims discount is applied.

Please note that the following will not affect your no-claims discount even if you don’t have protection:

  • If you only claim for a broken windscreen or windows.
  • If the insurer only has to pay an emergency medical treatment fee.

Some of our insurers will allow you to transfer your no claims discount between spouses in certain circumstances – you can contact us about this on 01733 308 235.


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