iGO4 Electric App Terms & Conditions



This app is provided to iGO4 Electric policyholders and is designed to keep you informed and updated on your driving experience.  Access to the app will be withdrawn when your policy ends.

Safety First

Never take your eyes off the road when driving. Your safety is your responsibility and you must always comply with the law. You should only use the app when the car is stationary and parked in a safe place. The app will never display anything of importance whilst you are moving. We are not responsible for loss, liability or damages caused by inappropriate or unsafe use of the app and we do not guarantee that use of the app will result in safer driving, prevent unsafe driving, collisions, personal injury, death or other harmful events.

Use of the App

The app is for your personal use and is designed for use in the UK only.

You must keep the iOS/Android operating system on your phone updated to allow the app to continue to work as required. The app is only supported on the last 2 software updates.

You must not tamper with, modify, duplicate, sell, transfer, damage or disrupt the app or the app software or attempt or permit any such action.

You must not use the app or any part of the app materials for commercial purposes.

You must not input, upload, transmit or otherwise provide to (or through) the app any information or materials that are unlawful, or contain or transmit any harmful code.


Your iGO4 app will be continuously updated. Please ensure you update your app as soon as an update becomes available. Any data charges are your responsibility.

Ownership of the App

The app and all material within it is owned by iGO4 Ltd or its licensors. It is protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All rights are reserved.

The app includes:

Any concerns

If you have any concerns about the app, the scores generated by it or any material which appears on it, please contact us at contact@iGO4.com and we will look into them.

This app is provided by iGO4 Ltd, registered in England and Wales under company number 05095154 with its registered office at iGO4 House, Staniland Way, Peterborough PE4 6JT.

Last updated: November 2022



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