Are my personal possessions covered abroad?

Loss or damage to valuables, money and personal effects belonging to you or your family is covered while you are:

  • Anywhere in Europe, Jordan, Madeira and/or Mediterranean Islands and those countries bordering the Mediterranean
  • Anywhere in the world for up to the number of days shown in the schedule

What isn't covered?

The amount of the excess you will need to pay is shown in the schedule

The insurer will not pay for loss or damage:
A) Arising from the cost of remaking any film, disc or tape or the value of any information contained on it
B) caused by or in the process of cleaning, maintenance, repair, dismantling, restoring, altering, dyeing or washing
C) caused by chewing, scratching, tearing or fouling by domestic pets
D) caused by rot, fungus, insects or vermin
E) caused by wear and tear or damage that occurs gradually over a period of time.
F) caused by theft from unattended road vehicles unless contained in a locked concealed luggage boot, concealed luggage compartment or glove compartment following forcible and violent entry to a securely locked vehicle, up to the maximum limit shown in the schedule
G) to items not in the care, custody or control of you or your family or an authorised person
H) caused by theft or attempted theft from an unlocked hotel room
I) arising directly or indirectly from depreciation in value
J) by mechanical, electronic or electrical breakdown or failure
K) To watercraft (which includes sailboards and windsurfers) aircraft, caravans, trailers, Pedal Cycles valued over £500 and mechanically propelled vehicles (which includes motorcycles and children’s motorcycles and motor cars, quad bikes and children’s quad bikes) but lawnmowers garden implements and wheelchairs, models and toys are covered
L) To parts, accessories, tools and fitted radios, cassette players and compact disc players for the things excluded in (k) above
M) To any property used for business, trade, profession or employment purpose
N) By theft of any unattended Pedal Cycle unless in a locked building or secured by a locking device to a permanent structure or a motor vehicle
O) To plants or any living creature
P) To documents
Q) To contact lenses
R) Where property is obtained by any person using any form of payment which proves to be counterfeit, false, fraudulent, invalid, uncollectable, irrecoverable or irredeemable for any reason
S) Specifically provided for elsewhere in this Policy
T) To computers or computer equipment
– By erasure or distortion of data
– By accidental erasure or mislaying or misfiling of documents or records
– By viruses
U) By contamination
V) To personal possessions left in your home after the home is left unoccupied or unfurnished
W) To property more specifically covered by any other insurance
X) To lottery tickets and raffle tickets.
Y) To sports equipment while in use
Z) To pedal cycles used for races, time trials and competitions and while practicing for them
AA) for thefts not reported to the police


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