What changes do I need to tell you about as soon as possible?

As soon as something on your policy has changed, you can log in to your online account and update your details.

You can amend the following details using your online using your online account.

  • Changes to your contact details
  • The address where your normally keep your car
  • Change of vehicle
  • Changes to your car including modifications
  • If you or anyone covered by this policy changes jobs, including part-time
  • If you or anyone covered by this policy passes their driving test
  • If you or anyone covered by this policy has had a claim or motoring conviction which we haven't been told of previously
  • Adding or removing additional drivers to your policy
  • Amending additional drivers details
  • Amend your insurance cover and usage of your vehicle

You can also contact us by clicking on the contact us page if any details need changing that you’re unable to complete online. Please note an administration fee of £25 will apply for any changes made through our contact centre which could have been made online.


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