What happens if the accident was my fault?

If you believe the accident is your fault, please follow the standard claims process by calling our Customer Claim Line on 0333 241 9566. This line is open 24 hours so you can call at any time.

You must call us within 24 hours of the incident taking place, and ideally within one hour. This is regardless of whether you wish to make a claim under your policy or not. Any delay in notifying us of an incident may invalidate your right to claim.

Six important points to help You after an accident:

  • Make a note of the registration number of any vehicles involved, and any witnesses.
  • Do not admit responsibility.
  • Ask for the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all people involved including any passengers in the other vehicle and details of any property damaged.
  • Take a photograph of the scene of the incident if it is safe to do so and you have a camera or a camera-phone.
  • If anyone other than you is injured in the accident, you must show your Certificate of Motor Insurance to the police. If you cannot do this at the time of the accident, take it to the police as soon as possible or within 24 hours.
  • Draw a diagram of the scene showing the movement of the vehicles to illustrate the direction the vehicles have travelled, and their final positions. Note the road names and position of any witnesses, and any other relevant details to help you recall the incident.

If the insurer makes a payment in respect of a claim that they cannot recover from a third party, they will reduce your no claims discount even if you were not to blame. Your no claims discount will be reduced in accordance with the insurer scale applicable at such a time as shown on your schedule. This is subject to you having protected no claims discount. Please see your schedule for details.


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