How do I add Tools in Transit cover?

Tools are important in allowing us to do our work. If you carry your tools in your van, we understand what a big impact being without them can have – which is why we offer Tools in Transit cover.

This extra provides cover of up to £1,000 for tools carried in your van, should the worst happen, and someone try to take them. This cover applies if your tools are taken or theft is attempted when your tools were hidden out of sight (such as in a locked compartment) and were being kept in your vehicle at the time of the theft. Theft cover will also only apply providing your vehicle is either kept in a garage, other locked building or compound, or the driveway of the policyholder’s address overnight – should the vehicle be kept on the road, this cover will not apply.

For further information of what is covered and exclusions, check here.

To add Tools in Transit cover to your policy for £54.99 per year, please call us on 01733 308235.


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