How do I use my scratch, dent and alloy wheel cover?

If you have purchased Scratch, Dent and Alloy Wheel cover as an optional extra to your policy, you can claim for damage to your scratched, dented or alloy wheels up to £1000.

If you have alloy wheels, the insurer of this cover will pay for any repairs up to £1000, using an approved repair. If the wheels are beyond cosmetic repair, the insurer will contribute up to £250 per wheel towards a replacement.

If your wheels are scratched or dented, the insurer of this cover will pay for repairs up to £1000, including paint chips, dents, scratches and paint scuffs of a certain size. Please note that only scratches and dents not exceeding 15cm in diameter and 3mm in depth are covered under this optional extra.

To make a Scratch, Dent and Alloy Wheel claim, please call 0333 241 9572 (open 24 hours a day, seven days a week), quoting ‘Alloy Wheel and Scratch & Dent’.

You can find full details of your cover in your policy documents, which can be found via your online account or here.


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