How do I provide you my no claims bonus?

If you are moving insurer with your new policy, they’ll need to see proof of any no claims discount you declare to have. It’s really easy to provide this: you can simply use your online account to upload a scan or copy of it. You can also email copies to us at

Where can I get proof of my no claims bonus from?

Your last insurer will provide your no claims bonus proof. This information is usually included in their renewal notice, so check there first. If you can’t find it, you can request written proof of your no-claims bonus from them.

What does my proof of no claims bonus need to include?

Your proof of no-claims discount should include the name of the policy holder; the policy cancellation date; the number of years of no-claims; the insurer name and logo, the policy number and the registration number of the vehicle the bonus was gained on. The expiry date for your no-claims discount shouldn’t be longer than 2 years ago. Make sure that any scans or copies you send to us clearly display all this information, or we may not be able to accept it.

What if I don’t provide proof of my no claims bonus?

If you don’t provide proof of your no claims bonus, we will have to remove it from your policy. This may cause the price of your policy to increase, or in some cases may lead to your policy being cancelled. We’ll remind you if we require proof from you before we remove it, meaning you have time to send it in.


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