Does my car insurance policy allow me to drive someone else’s car?

Your certificate of insurance will tell you if your policy covers you to drive someone else’s car. Subject to the conditions set out in the paragraph below, if your certificate of insurance allows you to drive any other car, your insurer will compensate for death of or injury to any other person and damage to any other person’s property as a result of an accident involving the other car you are driving. Note that there is no cover for loss of or damage to the car you are driving.

This cover only applies if:

You are the policyholder.

You are still in possession of the car insured under this policy.

You are not a firm or company.

The other car is not owned by you or hired or lent to you by your employer or business partner.

The other car is being used within the “limitations of use” shown in your current certificate of motor insurance.

There is a current and valid policy of insurance in force for the other car being driven under this section of the policy.

You are not entitled to make a claim for damage under any other insurance policy.

You were driving the other car at the time of the accident and you had the owner’s permission to do so.

The other car is being driven in the United Kingdom.

The other car being driven is registered in the United Kingdom.

The other car has not been seized by, or on behalf of, any government or public authority

Please make sure that you check your certificate of insurance to make sure the above cover applies before driving any other cars.


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